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Sunday, July 13, 2008


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Romeo  Vitelli

I remember hearing my share of unlikely stories in Catholic school (nuns were notorious for that sort of thing) and I learned early on to be skeptical. I was sure not to do it openly since they still practiced corporal punishment back then. Religious extremists have a way of getting upset when their beliefs are questioned. Cognitive dissonance is funny that way.


How about a gentler Eucharistic cracker joke?

A priest is instructing a grade school age child, the daughter of new converts to the faith. The new Christian is tremendously excited; she is about to be initiated into the great mystery and take her first communion. Finally the great day comes. She comes forward and the priest feeds her the communion wafer. She looks confused.

Afterwords he asks her about her new experience. How was it? "Well Father," she says, "I can believe you fed me Jesus' body -- but I can't believe that was bread."

I can't get too excited about either Myers or Donohue.

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