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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Pierre Corneille

I have never heard of that Burrito site before. As a resident of what some local real estate boosters like to call "south Wicker Park" (Ukrainian Village), I might have to check it out.

Dr X

Silver was as obsessed with Wicker Park burritos as he is with elections.

Pierre Corneille

Have you ever tried La Pasadita near Ashland and Division? There are three "La Pasadita's" there, but the one that calls itself the "original" pasadita, on the west side of Ashland, south of the other "La Pasadita" on that side of the street, has an excellent, in my opinion, superburrito.

A friend of mine from San Francisco claims it's one of the best he's had. And he tends to be snobbish about any other non-San Francisco burrito.

I didn't know that about Silver. Is that really the same guy?

Dr X

Pierre Corneille,

"Best In Town, Ask Around"-- no I haven't tried it.

That's really the same Nate Silver. He lived in Wicker Park for a few years. Did you notice how elaborate his ratings system was? Among other things, he was doing sports forecasting at the time, which is why, I assume, he went with brackets in his burrito system.

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