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Friday, December 14, 2012


Pierre Corneille

I was shocked, too, even though I have no particular connection to Connecticut.

I remember feeling similarly when the Aurora shooting happened. I was born and raised in Denver, which as you may know is right next to Aurora.

I'm very sorry that this has happened.

Dr X


After posting, I did some reading and saw that this has really shaken a lot of people. Sometimes I listen to BBC radio, last night I was listening to BBC Scotland. The hosts of the program really sounded distraught as they spoke about the events.

Pierre Corneille

I do think the Connecticut shooting resonates at probably a more visceral level, perhaps because so many of the victims were so young.

I will say that there were points yesterday when I cried, perhaps as a result of not turning off the TV and just letting the news go on as it does.

Dr X

Pierre Corneille,

The age of the children is certainly part of what made it more wrenching for me.

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