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Sunday, December 09, 2012


Pierre Corneille

I had a chance to read the whole thing, and it's a very thoughtful article. I think it often is, or can be, "about money," although not in the crass way in which therapy's detractors might claim.

On the special issue of abrupt, client-initiated terminations of the therapist-client relationship, I believe one reason a client might wish to do so with little or no discussion is the issue of money. When a client has made a decision to terminate, especially when that decision is made based on not being able to pay, then often the price of one session to go over the why's and wherefore's of ending might be too much for the client.

Also, I imagine that clients of a certain strip might lack the self-confidence necessary to say no in a conversation with the therapist. And if the issue for the client is money, and the therapist's fee schedule cannot slide to a price point the client can pay (and I accept, as you have mentioned in a previous comment thread, the reasons for what might seem to an outsider like the high prices), then the client really cannot continue.

None of this comment is to fault the therapist for asking why. In fact, I suspect most therapists at least consider this when the issue arises. In (further) fact, it's possible therapists consider and comment on this aspect a lot and I am ignorant of how much they do so because I really don't read a lot on the subject.

But I do offer this comment as an addendum to why/how the money relation works as it does.

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