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Monday, January 21, 2013


Dave the Carpenter

This is the sort of politically charged issue that brings out the best (or worst) in red-blooded America. Sorry, red-bloods, if I were Phil, I'd give serious thought about leaving too. I do not give a rat's behind about France or Monsour Depardieu---don't even care how much more Depardieu would pay in France. Mickelson chose his profession---it was a gamble, "smacking a tiny ball with a stick."

I struggle, everyday, to survive on a retirement pension and pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical care that my pension-sponsored healthcare plan does not cover. Never had a talent for professional sport of any kind. And I do not care much for the cult of professional sports---pay little attention to it. That said, I would happily support the expatriation of a man whose career has generated a few millions of dollars for the American economy.

Mexico? Turkey? Somalia?---uh, Russia? Come on now! Get real. I heard tonight on ABC news that Tina Turner is living in le bonne Suisse. She was always pretty saavy and had a good business sense.

One thing saddens me, though. I read today that Phil has "backed-off" from his inflammatory comments on taxation. Pressures come from many sources: family, business associations, government.

Border gate hitting him in the ass? A small price to pay, seems to me. If you do go, Phil,(you probably will not---just yet...)rip the sucker off its hinges!

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