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Friday, February 01, 2013


Donna B.

Considering that there's a lot of junk (science and otherwise) that's published in "real" books by "real" publishers, I find it amusing that there's this tendency to discount something available only on the internet simply because it's only on the internet.

Before the internet when the junk was published only in "real" books, it was a lot harder to double check the information.

Dr X

You're right Donna, and my post is evidence of that discounting tendency in me. In this case, I'm the guy posting something on the internet and I'm assuming that academic publishers would shy away from citing an internet post for authority. The internet has indeed made us--well some of us--into a nation of helpful checkers and reviewers, which is a good thing.

A Bear

X; Your writing speaks for itself, you know your subject and you explain it well.
I recall asking you a few questions and am impressed with the easily understandable, complete , and concise answers.
I want to see DrX the book!

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