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Friday, November 29, 2013



Just wandered over here because I saw you chose to tilt at the windmill that is Clark over at Popehat. My unsolicited advice as a professional lurker is not to fall prey to the SIWOTI syndrome; Clark is a first rate troll, if not the king of kings. Disingenuous doesn't begin to describe him or his posting style. I often wonder why Ken keeps on over there, Clark rarely adds anything of substance to the discussions. I especially enjoyed someone's paraphrase of Moldbug, what he writes that is interesting is not original, and what he writes that is original is not interesting; Clark fits in the same category.

Dr X


I don't read popehat and to my knowledge haven't commented there. To which post are you referring?

Dr X

Okay, I just found a popehat thread with a commenter posting as Doctor X. That ain't me.

Can I claim infringement? Just kidding.

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