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Saturday, November 16, 2013



I am a "random Michigan fan". I was actually rooting (in the abstract) for Northwestern, since I want Brady Hoke to be fired.

But that field goal at the end of regulation was incredible!

I couldn't believe they pulled it off. The holder is also a receiver named Drew Dileo. He was out in the pattern on the play before and had to run from the other side of the field from the Michigan bench, and the other special teams players, to his spot and actually slipped and slid into place just a moment before the ball arrived for him to spot it.

Poor NW has lost so many heart breakers this season.

Jam3z Aitch

"Randomly targeted Michigan fans."

I'm not sure whether to report you or join you. ;)



You're just testy because Stanford knocked off the Ducks for the second straight year.

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