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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A Bear

Nice shots. Nice looking houses too!

Donna B.

Snow is so lovely. I love to look at photos of snow. But I am so glad that I live where a 'snowstorm' results in 1/4" or so and happens only once ever 8 years or so.

It's partly an age thing and partly becoming deacclimated. Here's a lovely photo just 40 or so miles from where I grew up:

Dr X


Colorado is gorgeous, with and without snow. That road in and out of Ouray is beautiful, IIRC. I'm thinking specifically of driving into Silverton, a few miles south, which I'm sure know well.

I can see how you become accustomed to life without heavy snow, but was it difficult to leave the beauty of Colorado?

Donna B.

Yes... and no. One of the reasons I had that link at hand today was because my sister and I were reminiscing about the 'good ole days' there. We still have lots of relatives in the area and visiting is easy.

I have not yet visited any part of any state (or country) that I do not think is beautiful in some way. Those mountains of Colorado evoke visceral feelings since my first memories have them as background.

My childhood there was idyllic, but going back as an adult simply makes me wonder how my parents coped. We didn't live in town with indoor plumbing and electricity. Now I wonder why my Mom always enjoyed going back when I realize how hard she worked to care for us without any modern amenities.

So... yes, I miss the scenery, but no, I do not pine away for the experience.

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