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Sunday, January 19, 2014



In another life I was a bored Red Roof Inn manager in Elkhart Indiana.

One endless January afternoon I was filling out the monthly corporate ordering form and I ordered bogus name tags for myself (Benito Juarez) and my assistant manager Chris Whetstone (Julio DelGado).

Until now I had no idea that Benito was famous for anything other than being the name of a guy featured in a "News of the World" story about alien abductions that a desk clerk had left after her shift.

I just Googled him and found that he was quite an important person in Mexican history.

I was a bit startled when his name appeared in your post. I assume there was some homage to the past Mexican president in the scene you photographed?

Or was it a memorial to space-alien abductees?

Dr X

Lance, you may be able to make out a large statue in front of the third flagpole from the left. That's Benito Juarez. It's Plaza of the Americas, but he's the featured honoree in the plaza.

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