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Sunday, April 13, 2014



I was surprised to read that you have such a load of work on a Saturday. I thought I was the only one. Like the Dowager Countess says on Downton Abbey, "Weekend? What is a weekend?"

Sorry to hear about your illness. In my long career of self-diagnosis, your symptoms sounded worth an automatic trip to the GP to me. Esp. these days with people running around who have never gotten their vaccinations due to wacky parental beliefs. Who's the baby there?

Feel better soon.

Dr X

It's the flu.

Donna B.

As I was reading through your list of initial symptoms, I thought to myself "not bronchitis" because that's not normally accompanied by malaise and you didn't mention the coughing being uncontrollable to the point of rib pain.

But, I'd much rather you have bronchitis than the flu. Once treated (properly) bronchitis is fairly easy to get over.

The flu? Well, take care of yourself. While it doesn't seem to be widespread this year, it's serious when you do get it.

Also, I used to have at least one (bad) bout of bronchitis every year until I started getting a flu shot regularly. Purely anecdotal, I know... but I'm not about to miss getting it now. I suspect the same virus can cause both.


Feel better. The fluctuating temperature made me think careful that you don't get bronchitis in the aftermath (i.e.: by working too hard to catch up afterwards, when your immune system is down). That's how I got a bronchitis that lasted two months that no antibiotics could touch after our Paris trip (or perhaps I caught I particularly virulent strain from my hairdresser, who is sick with worse things and who had had HIS bronchitis 3 months??)

To be fair, SOME men are babies. My spouse is an only child, born to older parents and it drives our entire family buggy when he gets sick. My kids and I, growing up in average sized families expect moderate sympathy, but not undue pampering when ill. I raised my kids with the public health philosophy of illness: struggle to meet your responsibilities unless feverish, barfing or with signs of Ebola. If you might make others sick, or if you are so out of it you will do something rash, stay home. Otherwise, suck it up.

Sounds like you have an admirable work ethic, and I am sorry you feel so rotten.

I'm glad that these days you are friendly with impulsive people who occasionally show poor judgment (like me) despite our bad characters and foolish remarks....

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