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Wednesday, April 23, 2014



thanks for this...i'll look into it because the Blogger iPad app leaves a lot to be desired.

Dr X


The typepad tablet and phone app is no great shakes either, which is why I tried blogsy. Don't know if Blogsy supports Blogger.


Dr X, according to the download page it does. However it is not a free app. I can certainly afford the $5 but I would like to be certain it will work for me so I will do a little more research before I redeem my itunes gift card. :-)

Dr X


Oh, yeah, it isn't free. Should have mentioned that. It's definitely been worth the price for me, but whether it would be worth it for you would depend on how well it supports the Blogger platform and how much mobile posting you'd like to do. At this point, I consider it indispensable, but it works quite well with typepad and I'm doing a great deal of mobile posting these days. In fact, I'd be willing to pay $20 for it, knowing how well it has worked out for me.

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