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Monday, April 14, 2014



About 35 years ago I told a mid-level executive in the company I worked for that "customer service" really meant, "Do anything to keep a sale/never give them their money back.". It irritated the shit out of him that I said it in a room full of sales people; not because it was untrue, but because he had just been shoveling shit about how important the customer was to our business model.

It is not apparent to me that the situation has improved in most areas of commerce.

I use the VA for my healthcare needs and I will say that they try to deal with all of their many clients with respect and compassion (something that is, as you know, quite difficult when said client is emotionally disturbed/mentally ill.

I had an experience today, while trying to get a price on some long pieces of metal frame stock from a Nielsen distributor. The woman I was talking to was actually quite polite but she cut me off when I was asking about pricing and availability and said, "We don't sell to retail customers, you have to have an account with us to buy that product.". She did not volunteer to give me a list of who those individuals/companies might be, that I could contact to ask for a price/availability quote.

I thanked her, politely, and called someone else who was only to happy to work something out, once we can agree on what I need. That, is customer service.

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