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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Gabriel Conroy

Is that the one near the Damen Blue Line? I don't live too far from there, and my wife and I have tried it a couple times. We like it.

(P.S., I'm changing my pseudonym. I used to be Pierre Corneille)

Dr X

It's Glazed and Infused doughnuts. This particular shop is at the Armitage Brown Line Station, but there's one at the Damen Blue Line stop, too.

Gabriel Conroy

Cool. I was actually thinking of a new donut shop that opened up across from the Glazed and Infused at Damen. I forget its name, though. (I've never been to glazed and infused yet.)

Dr X


Do you know the name of the shop across from Glazed and Infused at Damen?

Gabriel Conroy

I think it's called "Stanley's." I brought it up because the picture you posted looked to me a lot like that shop looks on the inside. However, to my knowledge, it doesn't have a window-purchase place, so I should've known from the start that you weren't describing it.

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