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Wednesday, April 23, 2014



I liked it. But then, I loved the Emma Thompson portrayal of Travers...coming from a family of talented social misfits who write, it's a kind of Cinderella story, w a prickly hedgehog for princess discovered, that I can relate to....

I cried at several points. But my family despise my low and sentimental nature. I like the idea of a haunted child growing up to bring happiness to millions...

Dr X

Wow. I can't tell you how much I disliked that movie, but you're actually in agreement with close to 80% of the critics and 86% of the regular folks who rated it (per rotten tomatoes).


It might be because I adored my own nanny so, the only reliable, kind, nurturing person in a chaotic household. And loved the book "Mary Poppins" as a kid. I often joke that any virtues I possess, I owe to my beloved nanny. In my family, parents were distant, flaming gods one yearned for, and got burned by if one got too close. I dare say it affected my theology as well....:)

but my daughter says I have bad taste...


I'm finally getting around to seeing the movies that came out last year as they come to Red Box. I saw this about two weeks ago now and it took me by surprise for two reasons. 1) I enjoyed it, and was impressed by Tom Hanks as Disney and 2) that it was one of the most shamelessly manipulative movies I have ever seen, and that's saying something, these days.

I am a huge Walt Disney fan (have read a lot about his life and work) and this episode with Travers is quite notorious, so when it was first announced that it was being made as a film I was excited. Then I heard Hanks was cast and excitement diminished. That guy? Please. But he worked hard at recreating Disney's speech patterns and physicality, and I got over my bias pretty quickly. I never had a doubt that Emma Thompson would be aces.

But that film! It was like a movie of the week, or one of those dreadful Lifetime movies. It never seemed to acknowledge that the people had been REAL people, not fictional characters decorating the spots where the Product Placement wasn't. There were so many instances of that, that it's hard to pick one to illustrate, but I guess I'd have to go with the time Travers cuddles up with the gigantic Mickey Mouse toy in bed. Poor struggling independent author LITERALLY IN BED WITH DISNEY, INC. Get it?

The whole movie was like that, like a protracted infomercial. Like the kind of bio-pic they'd make for Sarah Palin and only put in theaters of carefully selected regions throughout the country.

And it traded SO MUCH on the presumption that you knew and loved the Mary Poppins movie. Some of the most moving scenes were when the Sherman brothers played their songs. Who the hell can sit through "Feed The Birds" and not blubber like a baby? Or "Let's Go Fly A Kite"? Jesus, I just wanted it to stop after while, like, please stop plumbing my childhood for your Tom Hanks Vehicle #32!!

But these are harsh left-brain criticisms; everyone I know that saw it loved it and said it really spoke to them on an emotional level.

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