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Monday, July 07, 2014


A Bear

82 people were shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend. The gunmen were mostly honor students, basically good boys who had just been turning their lives around and young men who always had a smile and a joke to cheer up others.

Channeling your inner defense lawyer?

Dr X

Channeling family members and friends of accused gunmen as typically quoted in the local press.


The sleeping ballpark fan lawsuit is bullshit. The ESPN announcers didn't say the things the sleeping plaintiff accused them of saying. He or his lawyers have confused online ridicule with the comments of the announcers. His suit should be dismissed and the network and MLB should sue HIS butt for defamation and to recover legal costs.


Dr X


I wonder if he filed the suit on his own or if he had a lawyer file for him. The article you linked makes the filing itself sound extremely unprofessional.

Gabriel Conroy

Concerning family, friends, and "good kid" speech:

I wouldn't judge the family, especially, too harshly for that. I can imagine being confronted with evidence that one's kid/sibling/cousin has done something horrible and perhaps knowing the person was troubled, but not that troubled, and knowing good things the person has done and believing they can be bad but not realizing they were that bad and being interviewed by a reporter right after or within a few weeks of the incident and off the cuff not knowing all the facts or what to say except that "he's a good kid." And if the kid is brought up on charges and they don't heed the advice of counsel to STFU, then I don't know what to expect them to say so as not to damage the case against their kid/sibling/cousin.

That doesn't mean the "good kid" narrative is a good one. And I agree with you that it's frustrating and functions as a way to avoid or deflect responsibility. I might be even more frustrated if I had been a victim of a violent crime (but, knock on wood, I haven't)

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