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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Nice shots. Which phone do you have now? My iPhone is over two years old (my better phone cameras are usually on phones I only use travelling, for backup cameras). I don't want to get the new IPhone (despite the enticing two lenses) because of the lack of headphone jack (I refuse to use Siri, and would lose wireless headphones). The best phone camera I ever had was the Nokia 1020 but it had a horrible Windows operating system so I only ever used it on trips...RIght now, I love the LG G5 w Android for times when I'm on trips which has a spectacular camera and a second, wide angle lens which is a little less good but does go super wide for landscapes, etc.

Nothing fancy. LG Stylo 2

Lg cameras are better than iPhones or Samsing's, IMHO. But the captive media won't admit it...

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