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Friday, January 27, 2017



Subtweeting in a blog? Is there a name for that? Subblogging?

Gabriel Conroy

What is to be done with those people who evince qualities of the "dark triad," especially if they are part of those with a "high" distribution of those qualities? If they are as dangerous as these studies suggest, that seems to call for very aggressive action that most of us would regard as illegal or immoral or both, at least in "normal" circumstances, whatever we mean by "normal."

I know that there's probably not an easy answer to this sort of question and it's a bit unfair for me to put you on the spot. I realize that just because a problem exists doesn't mean there's a solution for the problem that isn't worse than the problem itself.

Dr X

Fire them as soon as possible.


You mean impeach them?

Dr X

That's one way to fire certain people.

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