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Monday, April 10, 2017


I understand that United probably had every legal right to take the steps they did. And that just underscores that legal /= right.

If any publicity at all is 'good', then United is a winner because I've seen some downright funny stuff about this incident. However, I think the company really would have been better off upping the price until they got enough monetarily motivated individuals.

I'd be tempted to say I'd boycott United over this, but it would be senseless since I've boycotted all airline travel since 2006. I'm privileged enough to boycott all sorts of stuff.

A flight attendant was at the Seder we went to on Monday night. She was pretty confident that the gate attendants were told that they needed to seat 4 United employees coming in from elsewhere, but forgot to assign seats to them. Then they showed up at the gate after everyone was seated. She said this happens sometimes. Of course, it's much easier to block people before they board then it is to remove them after they're settled in their seats.

I agree with you about upping the offer. While the airline probably had the legal right to remove the passengers, they should have upped the offer until they had 4 true voluntary takers. Essentially, United didn't want to pay the economic value of an overnight delay to the market in front of them. Bet they start doing that in future. Other airlines will probably do the same thing. And maybe they'll be more careful about assigning seats to priority employees before they have general boarding.

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