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Thursday, May 04, 2017


This, for me, has been the most disturbing thing about Trump being elected: the inability of a great many people to see him as he is and to believe that he means the things he says. His election undermined my ability to trust that the average person is capable of judging very basic realities. It says more about my fellow Americans than it does about Trump, and that is what I find most mystifying.

I personally wish that whole "literally, not seriously and seriously, not literally" turn of phrase had never come into being because it provided a facile explanation that people latched onto and used to provide cover for Trump's unhinged positions and justify the reasoning of Trump's supporters. When confronted with verifiable facts, supporters simply wave them off dismissively. How can Trump supporters be convinced of their hero's faults? There isn't a need to convince the emperor that he is not wearing clothes, but to convince his followers that he is not wearing any clothes and is just standing about in all his ugly, naked glory.

If you can't diagnose Trump from afar, how about his supporters?


There would have been a bloodbath there if Andrew Jackson hadn't negotiated a truce.


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