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Friday, June 30, 2017


Do you mean, then, that character doesn't change? can't change? won't change?

I fear I'm becoming a troll on the issue, especially because I'm a layperson with not much knowledge of the mental health profession's definition of character. But I don't quite see how we can say with confidence that character is so fixed. Maybe it is, and maybe people don't change--or maybe change requires a lot of work and introspection that rarely happens or that the person with bad character rarely undertakes. And what are the implications for judging people if character is so fixed? I realize we need to protect ourselves and society from people with bad character, but I have a hard time seeing bad character as worthy of moral condemnation if it is so hard to change.

Anyway, we'll probably never resolve the issue. You and I have been back and forth on this. The whole thing still bothers me, though.

Do you mean, then, that character doesn't change? can't change? won't change?

I meant overwhelming public evidence of his character organization was on display 2 years ago (and long before 2 years ago), and absolutely nothing about his current behavior is surprising. He's not a different person from the person he was two years ago, he's very much the same person with the same character-defining array of defenses I've seen in Donald Trump for many years.

Joe S. was one of those people who kept saying that Trump would "pivot." I explained on numerous occasions to friends that he would not pivot because he cannot pivot, and it's because of his character, which again, was abundantly clear.

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

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