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Friday, July 14, 2017


Excellent article. Encouraging to read after the foul stuff emerging about the things done to German choirboys on Ratzinger's watch. Dare I say it, but at some point "traditionalists" are going to have to ponder the fact that Jesus was viewed as a dangerous radical, someone on the side of riffraff, defender of the oppressed, victims, women, the unclean, castigator of the rich and powerful...

At some point our rich and powerful religious are going to have to realise that in the Gospel drama their role is that of the High Priests, the secular authorities, the persecutors, and NOT that of faithful tho fallible followers of Our Lord.

No more God in a Box (this spiritualising God and faith and saying that it only has to be about prayer and private devotions and anything that influences real life is Godless Communism in disguise...)

Of course, I may be biased, having spent years in South America when young, I have great admiration for the Jesuits and having known many when working with the poor in NYC in youth. I gnash my teeth when sanctimonious old white men intone about being pro-life while cheerfully outsourcing the jobs that would make a middle class life supporting a family possible for less-educated young people, or while savagely sentencing minor drug offenders, or while rationalising police brutality towards minorities, the mentally ill, the poor generally.

Pathetic dead foetuses are tragic, yes. But it is just as tragic when you split up a family by making the parents unemployed and driving one to drink or drugs, and turning the kids into delinquents. It is just as tragic when pablum about liberty allows industries to get waivers from environmental legislation and pollute the air and water so that the poor people who have to live near them (because it's cheaper) get sick and die sooner, and their kids get asthma, have learning issues, etc.

You can't just be pro life for 40 weeks. Being pro-life means caring about all of God's children throughout their lifespan. Cute babies, bratty kids, obnoxious middle schoolers, testing teenagers, young parents, middle aged people, grandparents and lonely old people, all of them are beloved of God and have a claim on us.

This message is approved by Dr X. ;-)

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