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Friday, September 08, 2017


Normally I don't like to wish horrible things on people just because they are dunces, but as a long time sufferer of depression I would love to see him deal with the ailment, at least for a while.
The bits about laziness and that the depressed person is just somehow weak and could easily get over their bout of sadness because you know everybody gets sad is incredibly insulting.

He's being annihilated on social media.

"He's being annihilated on social media."
It's a good sign that many people aren't as poorly informed as he is.
That makes me feel a bit less pissed off. :-).

The only time I've been blocked on Facebook was when I took a *friend* to task over her telling someone to just get over it when they posted about their depression. She just didn't get that it's more than sadness and life's difficulties. In a way, I don't either as I've never experienced that, but I've known one very special person who did and I know how very hard he worked and tried to conquer it. He didn't.

I partially blame the "psychiatric industry" for the attitude portrayed here. Or perhaps the pharmaceutical industry. The advertising of some drugs does make it appear to be a fleeting thing, that with just a little bit of help is easily overcome. And then there are the 10 day wonder hospitals who can fix it all with drugs. OK... don't get me started on those quacks and insurance frauds.

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