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Monday, November 06, 2017


I am very interested in your results, as I often sink deep into gloom this time of year. I say I become a grouchy hibernating bear.. I have known people use those lamps for depression and it didn't really help any of the severely depressed ones. But the most suggestible claimed to feel much better(placebo effect?) and the milder cases. It probably DOES lift mood a little, and I think it probably would work for my kind of short grey days gloom but I am never in one room or sitting long enough to benefit. Unless I outfitted the whole house, and then my spouse would shriek that the LEDs or whatever they are would be bad for everyone's vision...I'm not sure about the frequencies of some of them...He may be wrong about this.

In the morning, I usually am cleaning up the kitchen after my family didn't finish the job after dinner the night before (enabler that I am :)), and starting laundry and making breakfast, and making and packing my lunch, and making coffee and pouring it into a thermos for the day, and collecting camera gear, and hunting for my phone, and trying to finish up some photo editing project, while frantically looking for some insurance form, a chequebook, the dog's license, etc. I always leave the house with about four bags of things to drop off (shoes to repair, something to return to a store, a gift for someone, a meal to take to somebody, and my constantly spilling coffee and mushy lunch leftovers) Perhaps a clamp on light pointed at my face that could brighten my mood while I mutter and grumble about "Proverbs 31 had nothing on THIS pit pony...." would make me a nicer person to be around???
What I HAVE found helps is simply getting outdoors in the light. I have a standing walking date with a close friend to walk at lunch and always feel better. The combination of sun, fresh air, exercise, and a friend work wonders...but you seem to do a lot of walking outdoors already if all your pictures of outdoor subway stations, etc. are anything to go by (as that implies walking to and fro). I read somewhere that walking in the morning helps most of all to jump start one's energy and mood, but no light as early as you wake.

In my daydreams I would have a greenhouse off the kitchen where I could sit in sun (artificial if no real yet) as I drank my coffee in the morning, surrounded by all my growing plants, herbs, with flowers, cherry tomatoes, etc. Not just for the light, tho that helps. In England, where I grew up, even modest houses had these tiny 8 foot square glass box solariums tacked on the back that people would sit in for some light in the winter and grow their flowers and start seeds in. Very good for mood. Certain indoor plants not only clean the air but make one feel better, partly because they look nice, but (perhaps related to all the stuff about with forest bathing https://qz.com/804022/health-benefits-japanese-forest-bathing/). My room in college used to look like that Henri Rousseau Jungle with Tigers and Hunter.

My other daydream (hahaha, if I won the lottery, if I ever bought a ticket) is to put in one of those endless pools with a greenhouse w a retractable roof around it and swim laps with at least some light in winter, and real daylight in the above-freezing weather. Kill two birds with one stone. I indulge in such impossible daydreams because I have just cancelled my gym membership because there are no open swim times at any time I could go. My language on the subject of kiddie swim teams and lessons is UNPRINTABLE as my bedroom suburb is full of Tiger parents forcing their four year olds to GET READY TO COMPETE and there isn't even a lane or two left for normal people with old runners' knees who want to swim after work...

First world problems.

I don't mean this to sound snarky, but if light were such a cure all, why are there depressed people all over the world, even in sunny spots on the Equator? Life is hard. And harder for some of us to bear it than it is for others..

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