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Tuesday, December 05, 2017


I have a Chase credit card with a low limit that I use for online purchases, gas station readers, restaurants where the server takes the card, and other "iffy" locales. So far, I've been lucky with that one. The limit is so low that I have to pay it multiple times a month, especially this time of year, so it's checked regularly.

The last time that I (well, my husband) got dinged is when his Discover card was stolen by someone known to us and they were stupid enough to use it at WalMart and appeared on video doing so. Discover immediately credited our account, but also required us to file a police report because the card was stolen. The local police followed up and these crooks were charged. The worst thing about that was that this was a couple we trusted and had worked for us for several months. We were trying to help them get back on their feet -- and they ruined my Christmas plans for their children. In fact, they ruined Christmas for their children in general. Four of them under the age of 5, and none of the $800 they charged were for the kid's -- all adult electronics. I filed the police report 2 years ago today. I posted about it then on Facebook and got the "memory" reminder today. So, today I cried a little more. I'm still worried about the kids. And I'm angry that I approach helping with an entirely different attitude now.

So, all I can say to you is be grateful that there's nothing personal in the fraud on your card. Although I do understand how frustrating it is that it doesn't seem to be taken seriously.

"I guess nothing will ever top the time that someone used my credit card number to PAY TUITION AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL in Bridgeport, CT (800 miles away from me). i guess they wanted their child to be raised with higher moral standards than their own."
Who would do that without realizing that they would be caught?

Donna, That's far worse than the frustration of getting ripped off by a stranger.

A Bear: I know. How could they believe the fraud would never be caught. I can still hardly believe it. I wish I could have learned what sort of follow-up occurred in that case.

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