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Friday, June 01, 2018


I personally don't have a problem with commuting the sentence. Even though it was probably imposed under sentencing guidelines, I think it's too harsh. Of course, that probably means quite a lot of people are in federal prison under "too harsh" sentences. and perhaps those should be commuted as well.

(That support for his impeachment was unanimous means something, but in my view, not much. Impeachment is limited to removing someone from office. It wasn't the prosecution itself and it wasn't what sentenced Blagojevich to prison. Impeachment doesn't even necessarily mean he was guilty of a crime. To be clear, I believe he was guilty.)

I am aware that there's a subtext here, when Mr. Trump is perhaps signalling to people that a pardon might be forthcoming if someone lies to certain federal investigators. I also realize that Patti, et al., are probably trying to play an angle that's most favorable/flattering to Mr. Trump to get him to

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