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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Vertical splitting is not as unique as you might think.
I've personally known a few men (some in the true bibilical sense) who have exactly the same sort of patterns. After meeting a few too many, I am a lot more sensient during inital introductions these days. I have always been amazed at how well they can zero in mark(s), with no feelings of guilt, after being caught red handed or remorse for their acts. BEWARE: These types tend to change cities repeatedly with no notice given and then reinvent themselves with new friends and/or marks). It becomes very cyclical. In short, they're all what used to be known as "snake oil salesman."

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your comment. Vertical splitting is not at all an unusual or rare phenomenon. It's an internal (intrapsychic) phenomenon, so it isn't necessarily evident in outward behavior as it occurs. Sometimes it is behind behavior that is very disturbing to other people, but much of the time there will be no outward manifestation or the manifestation(s) will be far less dramatic than the troubles of a Ted Haggard or someone who moves from city to city reinventing themselves.

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