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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Thanks very much for your kind comments about my website. I've visited your own postings here and really enjoy reading them. With very best wishes, thanks again!

You're welcome!

Dear Doctor X,

A little while ago, I was reviewing the nature of some of my incoming links, and saw the link to your review of my website. Looking at my initial reply, I was surprised at how formally I expressed my appreciation for your comments.

Reading your thoughts again today, I realized that your insightful review has captured one of the most important aspects of my websites, i.e. that I am to a large extent expressing the continuing evolution of my thinking through my choice of articles that I post, the choice of images and even the choice and arrangement of pictures in slideshows that I create.

Your perception of this is entirely accurate, and your description it is absolutely wonderful:

"Rather than look to ECPPC for discursive expositions of the author’s beliefs, the reader is best served by waiting to see what emerges from the intermingling of his or her own thoughts with an accumulation of impressions gathered in this blog. These impressions defy attempts to be nailed down and final, which is a very good thing, in my opinion."

Before studying clinical psychology and receiving formal training in psychoanalysis, I studied under Leo Strauss, the political philosopher at The University of Chicago. He taught me how to read. Strauss also taught me how to write in the manner that he talks about in his book "Persecution and The Art of Writing."

Thus, your statements about my posting about "Resignation" are wonderfully perceptive; in fact the posting was also a direct response to a group of persons who tried to make me submit to a model of treatment that I strenuously oppose.

The brief article was a statement that I was resigning from arguing with them further, but also resigning from the demands to follow the direction of treatment that they were demanding. In other words, it was a statement that I fully intended to continue with the model of treatment in which I believe. Which I have.

More importantly, I think the article succeeded in being written in a manner that placed my position beyond arguments against it, as well as beyond appearing as an attack upon my "opponents."

Again, thank you so much for your extremely perceptive and stimulating review!

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