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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Dr. X,
Please say it isn't so. If I keep reading your blog, I might just lose my faith in everything.

It would just help immensely if you would assure me that this "not even French" clinician on the faculty of a major American university at least reads the book reviews.

My little brother, when he was about 16, cottoned onto the fact early in a class that the teacher hadn't actually read the book she had assigned them to read and was now discussing as part of the lesson.

He then started, with a completely straight face, to make up things that never happened in the book and discuss them as if they were real. He even made up two characters which never existed and proceeded to kill one of them off as well.

The rest of the class caught on to this and played along and the teacher fell for it hook, line and sinker. And, of course, once she realised, what could she do?

I am still impressed with him for that, some twelve years later.


I hadn't even considered the possibilities for the mischief to be made with a person who tries this. His teacher certainly had it coming.

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