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Friday, March 02, 2007


That's over the line, Commie!

What? Why?

Things are just getting very bad. Worser and worser. Where is Edward R. Murrow now that we REALLY need him?

Good night and good luck.

Odd. Why are you blocked and not me? My inner radical is crushed.

Neurophilospher: You were banned for daring to go wherever the truth leads.

Patrick: You're just dangerous.

Drsharna: My site was available in China on Thursday when I first posted the URLs of some banned sites along with the url for the testing site. That got me banned by Friday. The long arm of Chinese law is very long and quick. You''ll probably be banned shortly because you wrote about all of this in your own blog.

Hey Dr. X,
SiteMeter stats show that I've had 4 hits from Beijing in the last few hours.

Still available - for the moment...


We will have to do something about that.

It's a done deal. Around 7:20 this morning, right after my 6th site visitor from Beijing, both the Dissertation Hell and my Introductory Psychology blogs were blocked. The second one is for a class that I teach and is only related to intro psych. Go figure. I've done a lotta stuff, but being banned by an entire nation is a first ;o)

Congratulations drsharna! I knew you could do it. The banning of your general psych class is probably attributable to guilt by association.

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