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Monday, March 26, 2007


I've no idea who Bill Maher prefers for president, but I don't think the remark about Hillary was meant as an endorsement. Rather, it was another clap at the Bushites, who ran a campaign in 2000 avowedly with the intent of "restoring honor" the the Oval Office in the wake of Bill Clinton's presidency.


I agree. I was lazy there in expressing myself. I just thought the piece was excellent and it was simply the idea of casting Hillary within that context at all that detracted from the piece for me. It's a minor, personal quibble. I wish he'd said that anyone who runs ought to run on a commitment to restore integrity to the office. I'd like to see all candidates acknowledge lack of integrity on the part of Bush and his administration. But, it's Maher's show and he's much funnier than I, so...

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