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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What, no political ax to grind? Come, come doctor, you must blame someone... the Democrats, the Republicans, the Syrians or the Whigs?

Charles Whitman shot some of my friends. Haven't we learned anything in 41 years?


Thanks for that.


We've learned lots over the years, but I don't know how we can prevent every tragedy of this sort.


You're welcome. The emerging information on Cho (the packet sent to MSNBC) is looking more like a psychotic disorder rather than what we saw in Whitman.

Think Ted Kaczynski more than Whitman.

It's not easy being Ted.

That article by Sigmund et al. isn't psychology. It's sh**. He/she should be ashamed.

Well done. The information about the amygdala is interesting. Was Whitman really an Eagle Scout at age 6?

Dr. x replies: Huh? I don't think he could have been an Eagle Scout at age 6. I was a boy scout and if memory serves, the minimum age of eligibility to join the boy scouts is age 11.

i am very shocked but interested in learning more about charles whitman

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