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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was two years old the day the Virginia theater caught fire. We lived on High Street. Mom had decided we would walk down to the market for some lunch meat. The day was so normal, blue skies,birds singing,just a typical beautiful day in the 1960's in Hazard.Upon returning from our errand everything had changed. We were told "not" to go back in our apartment the theater was on fire! Dad came home from work and we must have stayed with family that night. Our apartment was cleaned and remodeled, we returned home in a week or so. The film that was used at that time was so highly flammable. If the fire had not been contained very quickly the whole town was in danger of being destroyed by fire.So young,but I remember my mom was pregnant and everyone was so kind and helpful. Sad day for Hazard. A Lot of dedicated and good hearted people pulled together that day in the face of a very serious situation.

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