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Sunday, August 26, 2007


The latest attempt at a new Iraq meme comes gift-wrapped from right wing Israeli extremists via Natan Sharansky's essay in the Washington Post this week. Sharansky does not like pullouts of any kind. For the neocons to pretend that they fear a bloodbath in Iraq is worse than ridiculous -- it is a lie. They demand one thing and only one thing -- for Islam to be crushed no matter how many Arab lives are lost.

Honest American concern with terror provided a dishonest if convenient cover explanation for the Iraq invasion which was about Israel and about oil. That concern about Arab lives in Iraq would now be used to justify continuation of the war insults the intelligence of anyone who saw how the pro war crowd were licking their bloodthirsty chops over the prospect of invading Iraq in 2003.

What the neocons fear now is not that a pullout from Iraq would result in a bloodbath, but that it could result in the formation of a government hostile to Israel.

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