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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hey whowhat. If I didnt know any better I would say that your the offending officer. The tape was played in court and Im sure it was checked for alteration. What the fuck are you babbling about man? That shit was plain as daylight, there is no debate. Its a fucking closed case, dont even act like there is a smidge of a controversy here. The officer is a jackass on a powertrip on a bad day. Period.

Amen brother Aperson, you said it all!

Did you see the news today? a woman was killed by the AZ police and witnesses are coming foward and saying that the police are lying about what happened to her.

People are fed up with this king cop crap. Its time we held them responsable for what they do. You know, like everyone else in the F***ing world!

Rooster, your language is the same as the officer whom you address as "dangerous person", "cop breaking the law", "guilty by default", "commit a crime", "should get the book thrown at (him), a POS, sentenced to mandatory prison... for violating his oath of office", "betraying the badge".

What a hippocrit! You are on a website publishing all the foul obscenities you can get away with in response to my questioning the authenticity of the film.

Wow. You are one scarey person- wound tight and ready to explode! I suggest you get some therapy. There is something smoldering inside you and you better take a look at it. Geeze, man. You really put yourself out there about this one and (it is plain to see) your on the brink.

I just hope you don't take that kind of rage out on the living and breathing.

Aperson has appeared and seems to shadow your pattern.

Aperson, you don't know me. And what kind of strange sense of omnipotence do you have where you claim to know me or my thoughts and intentions.

I have posted nothing in my responses about Brett Darrow that he himself has not posted on a multitude of forums.

Perhaps you both have some reasons to be so off the wall angry, but about a police officer who was yelling at a kid?

One more suggestion, before you criticize anyone about their abusive, offensive, swearing at someone else please consider your responses on this forum.

Wow, what a response, you must be a cop. You deduced all this from my post? Well I am angry, for letting the country get taken over by people like you. Yelling at a kid? What if it was your kid? What if it was your rights that we being violated? Ever think of that. You make it sound like this criminal cop was just doing his job. Well he’s fired now! Must not have been his job after all. Its time we took this county back. News week has officially stated that the US is now a “Police State”. Louisiana has abolished the 4th Amendment so the cops can search your home or office without a warrant. Does this piss off anyone else besides me? We are handing our rights over to the lowest scum this country has, the high school dropout bully, I need a badge or gun to be a man asshole. Just because of fear and complacency. Well this kid in Missouri did not. He should get a metal and we should have a cop injustice patrol going in every town in this country. We should uncover all cop violators and have them fired and prosecuted. Anyone else with me on this? Wake up all is not well. You sound like a cop that’s worried about his POS job!

No. Not not a police officer. A therapist. And you seriously need to get some counseling. Are you aware of the site where you are posting?

The content is discussion about pictures, photography, and psychological response to the same.

Your response is noted. Thank you.

That’s your answer? A re-education camp? Because I don’t conform to the current police state or your idea of acceptable behavior for cops. You’re the one that needs to get help. Maybe if we all pull together we can get your head out of your ass. The subject of this blog is Lies and Videotapes: Sergeant Kuehnlein's Dashboard Video Vanishes. Go up to the top of the blog and read the heading, moron!

As Many As 6 Dead in Forest County Shooting; Suspect is Law Enforcement Officer

Reports indicate as many as six people are dead in a shooting rampage in Crandon, Wisconsin. The suspect is reportedly with the Forest County Sheriff's Department. At least report authorities were still trying to hunt him down.

Authorities say this is a fatal shooting - a witness says just before 3 am gunfire erupted at a home in Crandon. A witness says 10 area youths between 17 and 20 were at the home, and one suspect, the law enforcement officer, fired all the shots.

At this time, authorities are still trying to apprehend the suspect, considered armed and dangerous, and who may be on foot.

The whole neighborhood was still on lockdown as of mid-morning. There are varying reports on the number of those injured and fatalities - numbers are not confirmed at this time, and it was not immediately confirmed what sparked this shooting.

Appeared here

Gobble, gobble... gobble gobble

(you don't make sense, you are all over the map with hatred- get some help! meds and therapy will help)

Meds hu? That’s expected. Let me guess your kids are on Ritalin, your wife is on Valium, and I bet you’re on Prozac & Viagra. I bet in your world if everyone gets doped up enough all the problems of the real world will just melt away. You’re an idiot. Want to help people then become a real doctor. Don’t analyze or diagnose people you have never met by using forwarded news reports and blog posts. Only a quack does that. And what part of this blog do you not understand? You seem confused. Feeling dizzy?

Some local news:

Local/Chicago Police Stories

Yes, I've been following the adventures of the DISbanded Chicago SOS squad. Same Old S_ _ _ _.

Everything you didn't want to know about the DIShonorable profession of law enforcement and more.


Why did the meeting take place in THIS room of the police department instead of the office of the finger pointing fool, standing over victim seated near the wall cuffs. Looks like more intimidation tactics by the stooges-in-blue.

I am so happy that this cop got busted. This whole thing makes me sick! I hope that guy gets hit by a bus!

This is a great article. Let's work together to make our police force a more professionally staffed organization rather than a dumping ground for frustrated bullies who could not enter college or be successful on their own.

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