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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This police officer is a threat to the community! He obviously suffers from a variety of mental issues such as repressed homosexuality, Napoleon complex,anger issues or steroid addiction. Giving a maniac like this a gun and a badge only spells trouble for everyone.

I just think he was a rather ordinary person doing what many ordinary people do when they are given power without adequate controls, checks and balances. They abuse others and reveal the corruption that lies just beneath the rather fragile cover of a civilized public persona.

Maybe the officer was trying to ensure that he didn't end up like Trooper Kyle Dinkheller (google it). He ends up being rather cordial to the gentleman after he determines that he is not a threat.

If the Sgt. (who obviously wasn't the head of his class) had gone ahead and rung up the kid on false charges, I'd totally agree with you. Ultimately though, I think he just wanted to be clear who was large and in charge in a dark parking lot at 2am.

Large and in charge is no excuse for violating a persons civil rights. There are 750,000 cops in the US working full time and another 300,000 part time. 11,000 of these cops are indicted each year on felony charges. Do you think that being a cop is dangerous? Well it isn’t. It’s not even on the list of dangerous jobs. Only 142 cops die on the job each year and out of those only 51 are shot. Out of those 4 were shot by another officer leaving 47 cops shot and 40 of those were shot with their own gun. Another 15 were rundown by a car on purpose leaving the rest killed in traffic accidents that are, in most cases the officers fault.

What is not included in these figures is the 500 officers that committed suicide and or murder suicide last year. Statically speaking, the most dangerous person in that parking lot was the one in the uniform.


You learn all this from a 3 min clip a 20 yo ran on his car cam, edited by himself,complete with his own written dialog of what was said then uploaded on YouTube.

Did you see the clip? I did but I never saw the officer. I heard someone who was supposed to be the officer.

Are you thinking this kid just drives around with a video camera bolted down in his car and normally has a fiber optic wireless mic attached? Sounds like the normal well adjusted 20 year old?

This guy has been on legal forums the past year trying to find out how to stick it to the cops of St Louis and not have any legal consequences. He didn't find the support he was hoping to find, there/

He did however, find it on Responsibility In DUI Laws Forum (RIDL). And the forum moderator hooked him up with Inside Edition's, Cheryl Einhorn. He also got all the connections for editing and mixing recorded sound from RIDL.

What an interesting technique he used with the sound. His voice is hardly audible and the officer IS SO LOUD. Classic Passive Aggressive, no. Or maybe someone other than Brett provided the sound.

He just happened to go out at 2am to sit in a commuter lot. And the officer, what just went off on him? OK.

I thought this was a republic. Must be wrong. It really is a democracy- we are ruled by a mob of narcissistic personality disorders and YouTube. Trial is on the web and people will be dismissed based on surveys.

All the cops had to do is play the officers dash cam tap. Oops, it went missing like all evidence that is ever collected that shows the cops are the violators. This guy just didn't want to be the next victim of rouge cops. They have recently found that a cop in Florida has 15 years of false DUI arrests. I wonder how many innocent peoples lives have been ruined by this kind of cop crime. Its technology that is catching these criminals not police work or a desire of the cops to police themselves. Cops have a policy to sweep cop crimes under the carpet if it is not caught on tape or by the media.

A check of court records shows Kuehnlein himself pleaded guilty of assault and stealing in two different cases, in 1988 and 1990. He successfully petitioned a judge in St. Louis County in 1998 to expunge his criminal record, which was making it hard for him to get work as a cop.

The judge ordered those records sealed, as well as records of an acquittal for drunken driving and an assault arrest that did not result in charges.

St. George Police Chief Scott Uhrig earlier this week suspended Kuehnlein without pay while he investigates the case. On Wednesday, Kuehnlein hired attorney Travis L. Noble, a former police officer. He said he would review the unedited video today.

Thanks for sharing “Bad Cop” news, Rooster. Exactly who publishes the journalism? Maybe some of these upstanding folks:

Maxima Lover aka Brett Dawson was arrested for DWI 2 years ago and had to go to class. Poor little boy! He wasn’t even 18 years old and those cops had the nerve to arrest him AND make him go to DWI class! Legal age for drinking is still 21, isn't it?

Read all 6 pages of their plan this past year where RIDL and Inside Edition plan to have Brett do his videos.

I avoid believing anything and everything I read on sensational exposes. I think it’s trash.

Are we a little more sophisticated? No? Hoping to put the boys from Duke in the Tower until we got to watch them beheaded and disemboweled?

Oops. Sorry for the misspelling... that's Darrow as in Brett Darrow. Not Dawson.

And the Inside Edition person is Cheryl Strauss Einhorn but she's not at Inside Edition any longer. She's at CNN now. Where Brett was interviewed.

Is it strange that "someone" involved in another SEC investigation is doing a sting on police in St George, MO?

Well, she was at GM for awhile wasn't she? Maybe someone at GM doesn't like the police in St. Louis.??

I have to laugh. Can you just see all us walking around with these little videos, like IPhone recording, making a video of anybody who swears at them? Then we up load it on YouTube and it's all over the news.

This is going to fun. Look out teachers, hold on to your hats moms and dads. Be very careful what you say, doctor. It's looking like a bumpy ride.


What's the matter? Did you get suspended or fired for abusing citizens?

Darrow broke no laws, but the video shows the cop breaking the law. That's why the cop is going to get canned and maybe worse.

The rest of your screed is gibberish.

CKelso, please site the law broken. I believe the officer has a right to a free trial before you hang him for what you heard on a YouTube video.

Is that where you're getting your news today?

Answer to question: No. I have never been fired from a job. And yes I do work with the public.

You feel free to argue anything you desire. Have you ever heard of Rorschach?

I am arguing the credibility of a film where we see no one (except Brett Darrow); hear nothing but what Brett Darrow presents as taped at the place he claims this occurred; and read nothing other than what Brett Darrow submits as dialog for one of a multitude of tapes that are plastered all over the internet.

Which one did you watch on YouTube, CKelso?

Controversial video of St George, MO Cop part one
Controversial video of St George, MO Cop part two
Jewish Cop Gone Wild over Motorist’s Video pt one
Jewish Cop Gone Wild over Motorist’s Video pt one
Get a Camera: Officer tantrum caught on tape

They're all the supposed to be the same event with different dubbing, and lighting, and start points, and ....
well watch them yourself.

So let’s see the cops dash cam tape, oh we can't its disappeared to cover up another cop crime. But the citizen has a tap, so lets us it like cop dash cams are used when its citizen that breaks the law. And let’s charge the cop with obstruction of justice and destroying evidence too!

It’s called guilty by default, if you commit a crime and destroy the evidence, but get busted anyway. You should get the book thrown at you. This POS should be sentenced to mandatory prison and for twice the normal time for violating his oath of office, the public trust and betraying the badge. Oh and put in general population, not in a federal/cop country club.


I agree that this may be a one-sided story. I personally have had "Investigations" like this in Missouri when I was younger. We didn't have Video Cameras then. What I want to know is why these tapes, that are used as evidence, aren't treated as such. Why aren't the tapes signed out like the weapons they are. They should be signed in at the end of a shift. If you "loose" a tape, you're fired. Simple as that. They're treated like toys until an officer needs to clear himself. Then they are the most important thing in the car. The victim that is hurt the most in this entire fiasco is the officer's family. It wasn't their fault he couldn't control himself, but they will suffer the consequences.

Americans need to get their head out of their collective asses. Cop culture in America is such that cops expect cops to cover for them when they break the law, even in cases of murder, and even including lying under oath, known as "testilying" in police jargon.

If this abusive cop had a partner with him, he no doubt would have lied and said this abusive incident never happened, to cover for his partner.

Example: In New York in 1988, Officer Livoti used a department-banned choke hold to strangle Anthony Baez to death - just because Anthony's football hit the police car, which apparently enraged Livoti.

Sgt. William Monahan and police officers Mario Erotokritou and Anthony Farnan were among SIX NYPD cops who testi-lied under oath at Livoti's trial. Since they'd all sworn to uphold the law and fight crime, you might think they'd tell the truth about the murder.


Acting State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Sheindlin, who heard the case, termed the conflicting testimony of the six cops "a nest of perjury."

See, that's what cops do; cover up murder for each other. That's what the Blue Wall of silence requires of them. That's their idea of "honour".

THINK about that: Cops EXPECT their brother cops to cover their crimes. These are people sworn to uphold the law. They think that's HONOUR.

So here's the bottom line: A good cop is just a bad cop waiting to happen. There is no such thing as a good cop when a cop who wouldn't personally strangle a man for hitting a cop car with a football is personally willing to lie under oath to protect a cop who did.

"You already know enough. It is not knowledge you lack. It is the courage to take what you know and draw the obvious, painful conclusion." Sven Lindqvist

More details here:

Police dash cam tapes are usually locked up in the recorder, in the trunk of the car and only a shift supervisor has the keys. But the blue wall of silence has these guys doing everything that they can to protect the criminal cop including destroying evidence, lying to investigators, courts and obstruction of justice.

Taking an officers tape out of his car and loosing it is nothing to cops like these. A sheriff, chief deputy and patrolmen are on trial in Georgia for committing a drive by shooting on a witness that has the goods on one of their fellow officer. (Towns County GA)

One department is now under the control of the FBI because on officer has raped three women and the evidence has disappeared from the evidence room all three times. There is nothing about a badge or a uniform that says "Trust". 11,000 cops a year commit felony crimes against the people of the United States, the Constitution, and their office.

Rooster, please post cites.

The office was an ass...and he got caught being an ass. He got fired, as he should. For all those defending him, be ashamed of yourselves.

ST. GEORGE, MISSOURI - The City of St. George fires the officer caught on tape cussing out a driver, a story Fox 2’s Teresa Woodard broke. And while aldermen promise a thorough review of the entire department, they take no disciplinary action against Police Chief Scott Uhrig.

Sgt. James Kuehnlein was on tape yelling and cussing at a young man during an incident almost two weeks ago in a commuter lot at Reavis Barracks and I-55. He also threatened to take the driver to jail on charges he could “come up with”.

“The board voted to terminate him,” says St. George Mayor Howard Goodman.

The decision was based on a recommendation for termination that came from Uhrig. He says he made that recommendation because he believes Keuhnlein violated two main policies of the St. George Police Department. First, his behavior was wrong. Second, he had no tape from his in-car camera, and no explanation as to why it didn’t exist.

OBVIOUS: For The Second Time In One Year Evidence Against A Baltimore Maryland Police Officer Facing Criminal Charges Disappears
July 18th, 2007

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Twice in the past year, important evidence has gone missing from police custody in separate rape cases against city police officers.

In the latest incident, soiled clothing, a rape kit and other items that were to be used in next month’s trial of Officer William D. Welch have been missing from the police evidence control unit since at least May.

Towns County Georgia Sheriff Rudy Eller Admits Hiding Evidence Of Drive-By Shooting By His Deputies
TOWNS COUNTY, GEORGIA – Towns County Sheriff Rudy Eller will plead guilty Tuesday to charges that he lied to GBI investigators and hid evidence to protect two deputies who alleged shot up a local resident’s home last month.

Eller’s attorney, Michael Weaver, said Eller is pleading guilty rather than face a likely trial because he is “remorseful and feels like he has let the people of Towns County down.”

District Attorney Stan Gunter has said he planned to take the case to the grand jury as early as next month.

Weaver declined to say Monday whether Eller, who was charged with evidence-tampering, violation of his oath of office and related offenses, will resign.

“Normally, there is a deal with a plea, but there is no deal this time,” said Weaver, who declined to be more specific. Eller plans to make a public statement after a 1:30 hearing Tuesday before Superior Court Judge Lynn Alderman at the Towns County Courthouse in Hiawassee, said Weaver.

Towns County sheriff’s Deputy Jessie Gibson and Chief Deputy Eddie Osborn, 41, were charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of justice in the July 9 shooting at the home of Gary Dean, 51, who was having an affair with the wife of Osborn, according to a GBI affidavit.

Gibson was found dead at his home Aug. 8 of a gunshot wound to the head, which the GBI declared an apparent suicide. He left an audiotape message for his family that was turned over to the GBI.

Osborn’s attorney, Michelle Vaughan, could not be reached for comment. Weaver said he believes Osborn has not agreed to a plea.

Gov. Sonny Perdue named a three-person panel including Attorney General Thurbert Baker to investigate the charges against Eller and recommend whether the sheriff should be suspended. Russ Willard, a spokesman for Baker, said the commission concluded its investigation and sent its recommendation to the governor’s office last week.

Eller has continued to hold the office of sheriff since he was arrested July 31. He was released the same day on $250,000 bond.

The shooting and alleged cover-up has rocked the mountain community of about 10,000 residents.

One Police Plaza
Crooked Cop Bill Phillips: The Perils of Testifying
September 24, 2007

Here are three lessons we can learn from the case of crooked cop William Phillips, who is to be paroled in November after spending nearly 40 years in jail.

Lesson One: Beware of testifying before an outside agency investigating the police department if there is evil in your past.
Lesson Two: Make sure to express remorse.
Lesson Three: Do not embarrass the big boys.

Phillips, now 77, a cop from 1957 to 1974, violated all three tenets.

Back in the day, he cut quite a figure as a plainclothes cop on the east side of Manhattan, holding court at P.J. Clarke’s. Caught on tape by an electronics genius employed by the Knapp Commission (officially known as Commission to Investigate Alleged Police Corruption) taking a payoff from east side madam Xaviera Hollander, he became a star witness.

Before the TV cameras, he described how cops like him shook down store-owners, hotel managers, construction foremen and tow-truck operators, and took bribes from gamblers, loan sharks and drug dealers.

In three weeks of hearings, the Knapp Commission revealed how the department’s systemic and institutionalized corruption worked: how the top brass, starting with the police commissioner, had ignored and actually abetted corruption.

The Chief Inspector, the department’s highest uniformed officer, admitted accepting gifts from businessmen. The Chief of Detectives refused to turn over the files of suspect detectives to the Chief of Internal Affairs. The First Deputy Commissioner refused to help federal authorities investigate cops suspected of dealing drugs.

Worse, it seemed that all this occurred under the revered nose of the Manhattan District Attorney, Frank Hogan — “Mr. District Attorney,” as he was known — whose office was but a stone’s throw from police headquarters.

Other corrupt cops testified but, unlike Phillips, they appeared penitent. Edward Droge described how, as a young cop, in just weeks on the job, department veterans sucked him into corruption. He ended up at Yale Law School, courtesy of the Knapp Commission’s counsel.

Phillips, though, remained unbowed. Two years after he testified, he wrote a memoir, brazenly entitled “On the Pad.” The term “pad” stood for systemized payoffs.

Then, guess what? Law enforcement authorities said someone who had seen him on TV testified that he recognized him as the killer of a pimp and a prostitute in 1968. The pimp had supposedly refused to pay Phillips off and the prostitute had supposedly witnessed the event.

Phillips maintained the department had framed him in retribution for his testimony, but in 1975 he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life. The parole board turned him down four times.

Two decades after the Knapp Commission, history appeared to repeat itself. In 1992, Mayor David Dinkins appointed former judge Milton Mollen to investigate police corruption. In those 20 years police corruption had changed. It was no longer systemic and institutionalized, but confined to high crime, high drug trade pockets like West Harlem’s 30th precinct, where 33 cops were convicted of drug-related crimes.

But the three lessons of testifying remained, as Internal Affairs undercover Barry Brown discovered.

Brown became the Mollen Commission’s star witness, wearing a hood over his head and testifying under the name “Officer Otto.”

But he, too, had a past. Arrested “Dirty Thirty” cop George Nova told prosecutors that Brown, Nova’s former partner, had lied at numerous drug trials.

Meanwhile, Mollen was feuding with Hogan’s successor, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. Morgenthau felt Mollen had poached his investigation of Nova and given it to the U.S. Attorney, who then indicted Nova, leaving Morgenthau out in the cold.

After learning that Brown and Officer Otto were one and the same, Morgenthau indicted Brown for perjury and crowed that the Mollen Commission had done more harm than good.

But, unlike Phillips, Brown expressed remorse, maintaining that as undercover he had no choice but to testify as he did. Morgenthau agreed to drop the perjury charge if Brown left the department.

Ron and Rooster, You seem to have it in for cops.

What about serious crimes against the public?

(CBS) LOS ANGELES A psychologist who counseled Los Angeles Unified School District students allegedly molested a boy in Boulder, Colo., over a seven-year period starting in 1978, according to media reports.

A lawyer for Peter J. Ruthenbeck, 47, of Huntington Beach, said his client was cooperating with an investigation by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the agency that licenses educational psychologists.

The allegations against Ruthenbeck were brought forward after his alleged victim, now 35, told his mother what had happened to him.

Ruthenbeck was 19 when he was assigned to the boy, who was 8, as part of a Big Brother program. The molestation allegedly started shortly thereafter.

Ruthenbeck became his Little League and soccer coaches, then leader of his Boy Scout troop over the next seven years, according to media reports.

Paula Morgan Johnson reportedly confronted Ruthenbeck in a phone call, then provided copies of a three-page apology allegedly from Ruthenbeck to the state board and the Los Angeles Times.

"I am so, so very sorry," the unsigned letter says. "Whenever I think about that period in my life, I wonder what was wrong with me."

Ruthenbeck's attorney, B. Robert Farzad, said his client would neither confirm nor deny that he molested the boy or wrote the letter.

Ruthenbeck was suspended immediately when Eileen Skone-Rees, an administrative coordinator of the school district's Nonpublic Services Department received a complaint from Morgan Johnson, pending an investigation.

According to the district, Ruthenbeck worked an average of three days a week, providing one-on-one or small group counseling to deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

A bill for services Ruthenbeck submitted to the district in June showed that he worked at Gardena and Fairfax high schools, Carnegie Middle School in Carson, and El Sereno Middle School and Robert Hill Lane Elementary School in Monterey Park.

Ruthenbeck, who is married and has two children, left Coloradio in 1985 and until recently he was president of the California Association of Licensed Educational Psychologists.

A prosecutor says a handicapped girl is now claiming Stettner molested her.

An Allegheny County judge on Tuesday ordered that a suspended Pittsburgh Public Schools psychologist accused of repeatedly raping a teenage boy and molesting a 5-year-old girl be released from jail.

Common Pleas Judge Kevin G. Sasinoski reinstated a $100,000 bond for Donald Stettner, 47, of Spring Hill, reversing another judge's decision on April 4 to revoke bond amid allegations that Stettner tried to pay the alleged older victim $25,000 to drop his case.

Amos M. Gunsberg, a psychotherapist in New York City, has long cautioned the public against damage and corruption committed by psychotherapists:

"[F]or a therapist, supervisor, or teacher at a school of psychotherapy, the PRIMARY QUALIFICATIONS are GOOD CHARACTER and EMOTIONAL STABILITY. Deficiencies in those areas are the main source of DAMAGE to the patient. The public is under the impression that a psychotherapist MUST have undergone a thorough analysis so that the patient is protected against being abused and exploited. This is NOT the case! As far as I've been able to discover, NO institution or agency or organization of psychotherapists vouches for the character or emotional stability of the people they graduate or give certification to." (3)

In 1989 I publicly advised a psychiatrist about what to do with a patient of hers who deliberately infected people with AIDS. (4) Now I advise clients, colleagues and the public about what to do with dangerous therapists. Any therapist who has committed the kinds of acts described should terminate his or her practice and teaching of psychotherapy immediately. He or she has no business being a therapist and/or a teacher of psychotherapy. Clients who feel damaged by a therapist's behavior are encouraged to seek reparation with the assistance of a third party. If you are in doubt, tape your therapy sessions. Do not work with a therapist who refuses to allow you to tape your sessions. The therapist should supply the recorder, so that all you need bring is the tape. Demand from your therapist copies of the ethical codes of the state, the school, the professional organization.

Therapists should muster the courage to censor unethical practices and speak out not only against specific individuals but also against the institutions and guilds that condone such behavior through silence or worse through self-serving rationalization. Anything less is collaboration.

Harvey Keitel had it right in the movie "Pulp Fiction" when he remarked: "Because you _are_ a character doesn't mean that you _have_ character." It is an outrage when people paint the perpetrator of a crime, be it a literal or emotional one, as more of a victim than the person he or she has assaulted.

Why target the cops? Well let’s see.
1) They are trained and paid to up hold the law, but often don’t.
2) They have taken an oath to serve and protect, but seldom do.
3) They are the public’ last line of defense, which explains a lot.

Also 11,000 cops a year (32.8 each day) commit felony crimes against the people, the constitution and the public trust each year. When caught they are often given a slap on the wrist and allowed to retire. It makes me sick that I am paying for the retirement of thousands of murderers and child molesters. (and yes, three cops a day are charged with child molesting). You also mentioned prosecutors, lawyers, judges and the like. Well they are what is known as (officers of the court). Some of which even carry badges. All of these folks fall under the (cop) heading. But the police is what I will be focusing on here. We could target everyone I guess, but who better then the cops? Did I mention that another 110,000 cops commit lesser crimes or remain silent so a partner or coworker can get away with a violation ranging from double parking to capital murder?

Case in point,
Chicago Illinois Police Officer Jerome Finnigan Held With out Bond After Ordering Hit On Former Officer.
(CBS) CHICAGO A Chicago Police officer accused of ordering a hit on a former officer will not be freed on bond. Jerome Finnigan, 44, is accused of plotting the murder of an officer who was a potential witness against him in an ongoing federal investigation and a pending state criminal prosecution. Prosecutors said Finnigan told a friend he planned to get a hit man from a street gang to kill the former officer for $5,000. They used the term "paint job" as a code for murder. Federal agents recorded several phone conversations between Finnigan and the officer he solicited for help. At a morning hearing, Finnigan's attorneys agreed not even to try to have him freed on bond at least for now. U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole ordered him held at the government's Metropolitan Correctional Center. But Cole agreed to revisit the issue later if defense attorneys request such a hearing. Finnigan was assigned to the elite Special Operations Section of the Chicago Police Department. He was one of six members of that unit arrested in 2006 for allegedly using their badges to shake down residents for cash and other items. He was suspended from the force after state charges were filed in that case. Court records show the police officer Finnigan was trying to hire to help him with the crime and the officer he was allegedly plotting to kill are both co-defendants in the state charges he faces. Those charges include armed robbery, armed violence, home invasion and kidnapping. Finnigan was already out on a $4 million bond for those charges. If convicted in this murder-for-hire case, Finnigan faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Link to story. http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/local_story_274113151.html
Cops ever feed on the corpses of each other. Who better to start with, in cleaning up a corrupt and dysfunctional system, then the people that are responsible for the biggest threat to democracy that the country has ever faced?

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