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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I think it is interesting that as a psychologist you have made such profound statements about the people involved. Did you know Brett Darrow, AKA Maxima Lover has been on at least one legal forum since 11/06 getting as much information as possible about how to pull off this little scam?

There are several other threads started by Brett aka Maxima Lover.

Yes. Officer was on tape with inappropriate language. Sometimes an officer needs assert a position of control when somebody like this is out at 2am (and 3am) in a parking lot with a video camera running.

What reccomendations would you make to a police department on the South Side of St. Louis on how to handle a situation where they are being stalked by a kid with a camera for over a year?

Given officers are unable to terminate a relationship with an undesirable by giving them notice.

Do you expect there will be discussion about how to deal with a group of menacing pre-adults who film police then upload their personal film (edited by them, complete with their written account of the dialog) on YouTube?

This is Brett's comment 2/07 to another forum member when asked if he ever applied for a job as a police officer "Never have and never will. I have no desire to become a constitutional violating, standard issue, street soilder."

Do think this could result in a serious destructive protest of authority?

St. George Police Scott Uhrig 9041 Southview Lane
St. George 63123 314-631-1295
314-631-2252 fax

These type of encounters happen more then we know. The problem here is even if the police officer was set up he should be following proper procedure and maintain his composure so even if 20 hidden camera's were rolling it would make for some pretty boring viewing. As far as entrapment is concerned they are in a public place and much to the sha-grin of this videos victim, quite legal. I would suggest if you have a problem with motorists video taping encounters with the police then you should lobby Congress.After all, the People of the United States should not be allowed to do such things right?.
We live in a society built on TRUST. Trust is more then a promise, its a COMMITMENT!.
Trust will separate the professional who at times will act alone and under stessful situations from the ROOKIE.The police officer caught on this video should be dismissed. The nature of his threats indicates that he has behaved this way before.
A FULL investigation of this officers prior arrests should be undertaken.

If not for this lawless cop being exposed as an unstable grenade he would undoubtedly be receiving high marks as an outstanding lawman from his supervisors. He would still be on the job, harassing and preying on other citizens, if not for the fallout from this incident. The Blue Code of Silence along with the Double Standard (cops above the law) and Abuse of Power are a few of the problems which plague the law enforcement cesspool.

DrX correctly identifies the issues which plague this profession........

"I just think he was a rather ordinary person doing what many ordinary people do when they are given power without adequate controls, checks and balances. They abuse others and reveal the corruption that lies just beneath the rather fragile cover of a civilized public persona"

in a manner which is far too civilized and diplomatic.

Very little has changed since Serpico made headlines in 1971, which is reflected by gallup polls which reveal a profession viewed with greater contempt every year. Law enforcement can no longer conceal their indiscrestions in the information era. It does not appear the profession is intent on implementing the necessary changes to effect change, preferring to feign an interest in the problem like a gang of demented bobbleheads.

What has changed since 1997????

MENU TITLE: Police Integrity Public Service With Honor.
Series: NIJ Report
Published: January 1997
149 pages

"Policing in a democracy requires high levels of
integrity if it is to be acceptable to the people.
Historically, in the United States, there have been
many times when public trust in the integrity of
the police has been questioned".

"In July 1996 the National Symposium on Police
Integrity took place in Washington, D.C. The 200
participants included police chiefs, sheriffs,
police researchers, police officers, members of
other professional disciplines, community leaders,
and members of other Federal agencies"

"During the 2 1/2 day meeting, participants and
speakers agreed that understanding how to establish
and maintain integrity was a common concern for law
enforcement. Further, in his synthesis remarks,
Mark Moore of the Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University, observed that the pursuit of
integrity within one's profession is paramount to
an individual's self-respect and true work
satisfaction. There was also a clear understanding
of the tragic consequences that would befall the
profession, indeed our very democracy, if there was
a serious erosion of integrity".

I think every car should be equipped with cameras!Brett did a great thing by exposing this officer and his department. This has nothing to do with protesting authority! I can't believe someone could be so ignorant as to even think let alone express that in words where we can all see them. This has everything to do with authority being arrogant and disrespectful of us as citizens just as well as showing discrimination towards younger folks because nobody else was being pulled from their vehicles that night. We have all been told from day one to never tell a cop anything what so ever. In your Miranda rights it states we have the right to remain silent because anything we say can and will be held against us.. It never states in there that anything we say could help us out or keep us from getting into trouble. If the officer was doing his job appropriately this video would have never made it anywhere but he wasn't and thank God he was caught! Law enforcement has been given entirely more power then it should have and this type of behavior is happening everywhere.

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