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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Hey, Dr. X - without giving away trade secrets, can you recommend sites which allow one to use photos (without paying)? I find flickr inexhaustible, but it doesn't have great old pix. You've chosed some real beauts.


National archives, various historical archives, state and univeristy archives and many other online sites offer large and small collections. It helps if you pick something you want to find then drill down with google/yahoo, rather than just browsing. For me, this strategy often turns up a good collection.

I've downloaded dozens of historic photos of Georgia over the past week, for example, from an online archive of over 9,000 scanned photos. The photos don't always contain historic information but a little googling will turn up photos for cross reference, discussion and information on the subjects of the photos. This was what I did to learn about the Paramount and the Loews theaters. I found many more photos of these theaters as well as a fair amount of discussion of the photo subjects, first hand historical accounts and even the name of the man living in the home and the address of the home that incorporated the Paramount facade into its construction in 1960. The nephew of the architect has posted on the subject. A little detective work with a single photo often leads to unearthing many more great photos.

Anyway, here is a link to some of the Georgia photos:

Lane Collection, Pullen Library GSU

And don't forget, Google, Google, Google...

thats really cool. my grandfather was at the elvis show in 1956. so was my grandmothers sister. they didnt know each other then either...small world. (my grandfather was 13 at the time, though.)

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