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Monday, March 24, 2008


If there were to be justice, one needs to balance the five (+++) years of discomfort experienced by the people of Iraq against the discomfort of a small congregation at Sunday mass. While I deplore causing discomfort to Cathedral worshipers, I do not agree with the statement of the archdiocese on this matter. www.archchicago.org

Each of us must worship God out of the truth of our being. This fifth anniversary of war is at least as horrendous as selling pigeons in the temple when Jesus voiced protest and performed guerilla actions.

These young people should not be condemned by all people of faith and good will. Freedom to worship God should be inviolable. Their actions to honor a God of Peace for all people in Iraq and elsewhere needs to be upheld.

Their charges need to be reduced to misdemeanor and their fund-raising events for legal fees supported.

I am saddened that the officials of the archdiocese cannot support their own church's teachings on this unjust war. Had they been more visibly involved in the local anti-war efforts, they might have been spared this momentary annoyance while the people of Iraq are occupied by troops funded with their monies and the lives of their own young people.

Sister Zelda-
This was nothing but stupid theatrics that played into the hands of those who support the war. The anti war effort was set back by attacking a church service on an Easter Sunday morning. Pulling a stunt for the sake of pulling a stunt accomplishes nothing.

These histrionics will not help the movement for the end of the war - but these kids have tarred others who oppose the war with this nonsense.

The urge to call for change is good. But do it intelligently. Read Saul Alinsky. Take a few classes in social psychology and marketing. Learn to make persuasive arguments. Distribute pamphlets. Go visit your Congresscritter when he or she is on break. Volunteer for a campaign.

Real change takes hard work. Theatrics that anger and alienate others may make the participants feel good but they accomplish nothing.

Actually they do accomplish something: they hurt the cause.

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