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Friday, May 09, 2008


I love these espeically the father and son one.

Dr X says: I really like Collier's photos of children, too. Early in his childhood, Collier suffered some sort of injury or illness that left him hearing impaired and with cognitive and learning difficulties that precluded regular schooling. That's why, at age 16, he apprenticed with Dorothea Lange's husband, painter Maynard Dixon. This led to Collier's own career as a photographer beginning under Lange's tutelage. I do wonder how much his eye for kids was influenced by his own experiences as a kid with a variety of educational difficulties. Maybe not at all, but I've wondered.

The last Photo of the group is actually a photo of my aunts and uncles (some of them anyhow)

The photo was taken by the National Geographics, doing studies on farmers in Maine. My family is originally from Fort Kent, and a few still reside there, I was shocked to come accross the photo entirely by random.

I have come across lots of family pictures on the internet. The first three (1) is my dad, (2)my grandpa and my dad, (3)grandpa and my two aunts.
I love to see these pictures because I have never seen them before.

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