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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I'm waiting for Matalin to decry the disloyalty of Gitmo prisoners who rat out their friends. Oh... wait a minute. The Bush adminsration tortures prisoners to make them rat out their friends. I guess I'm confused. Do they think that ratting out criminals is a good thing or a bad thing?

Dr X says: I think this was intended for the McClellan post.

yes, wrong post...

The latest? BO wondered how Cary Grant got up on top of the Rushmore Memorial to cavort around with Eva Marie Saint. He even asked the local Ranger how they got up there?

The Ranger kindly explained they were actors, it was a movie, and they were on a set. Get it... good.

You really can't make them up that good! Oh, and you think that was an intentional gaffe? Of course, this is just rumor mongering...

Obama didn't know how a scene in a movie was made and partisan hacks grasp desperately at that as if it reveals some tragic flaw in the man. The same hacks are conspicuously quiet when McCain can't keep Sunni and Shia straight and he can't keep track of troop levels in Iraq. -- you can't make this stuff up

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