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Monday, June 30, 2008


What is a lie?

From Ditto: "What this social psychological analysis suggests then is that the Bush administration did not deliberately construct a case for war that they knew in fact to be false. They believed it all right, and thought they had the data to back it up. But it also most certainly was not the case that their decision making process was untainted by their desire to build a justification for invading Iraq. Instead, it was precisely their fervent desire to believe in an Iraqi WMD program that biased their processing of a quite mixed intelligence picture, sharpening its dull edges in favor of their preferred conclusion."

This is colloquially referred to as rationalization. Rationalization might better capture the sense of a motivated belief that floats along the porous boundary between conscious and unconscious, tenuously maneuvering between fooling oneself, lying to oneself and lying to others.

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