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Monday, June 23, 2008


Evidence of the ability to develop cognitive capacity continues to build. A number of programs are available that develope specific cognitive skills to help those with deficits in those areas. However, it is also important to recognize the that brain is a highly integrated self-organizing system, and as such, can develop more quickly if skill development is presented in a cross-training mode, rather than developing one area at at time. Engagement is also a key component and video-game technology is being incorporated to increase it. Those who are interested may wish to look at a program called BrainWare Safari and the research that supports it at www.MyBrainWare.com/professional.

There are a couple of implementations that have gone up since May. They're pretty "googleable". I've written one here: http://www.soakyourhead.com/N-Back.aspx with source code here: http://www.soakyourhead.com/dual-n-back-open-source.aspx .

The thing that's interesting about Chris's game is that it is all (apparently) in Javascript/DHTML. Which should make it useable on a wide variety of platforms. Possibly including mobile devices. Which is pretty amazing. Kudos to him.

Dr X writes: Thanks for sharing the info. I tried to access yours yesterday and had some difficulty with it. I'll try again.

... great! works for me today.

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