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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



First of all, I love your site; specifically the vintage photos :)

In regards to this post; Pro-life, Pro-Choice is invariably one sided. If you believe in one or the other, that belief is usually for a lifetime. This is the land of the free, free to choose and free to believe. I believe in choice as that is what I want for my fellow humans… choice is the basis for freedom. Also, as an agnostic, I do not believe in the soul. Therefore, per my religious beliefs, abortion is not wrong. Also, in that I feel all forms of life are equally worthy of life; how can I justify bringing unnecessary humans into the world when our domination of the planet is leading to the detriment of the rest of the life we share it with. The control of abortion has nothing to do with government; it has to do with personal choice that is supported by individual, religious if applicable, beliefs. The infringement of the government upon my womb is offensive, oppressive and is a concise joining of church and state.

I feel McBush would simply be the continuation of the lack of our society's progression, declining of the USA diplomatically; an affluent destroyer of our freedoms and an extender of our embarrassing trade deficit/deficit.

I feel desperate apathy at the lack of intelligence of this nation, the lack of concern for the election among its citizens and the inability for humans to make decisions based upon the big picture. Though, I refuse to join; my ostracized circumstance as a pursuer of knowledge, truth and reason -- strains my consciousness. I can see it, but lack the knack to convince others of it… and instead consume my thoughts with cynical appreciations for the rest of America's citizens.

McCain is so shamefully wrong for the United States right now, that his election, if it should be unlucky enough to happen, will simply be the representation of what we are as a people, and how we have made the bed that we know lie in. If the majority of America wants McCain, then the majority of America is McCain.


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