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Monday, September 29, 2008


Do you enjoy being a slave?

What part of the 14th amendment
doesn't apply to you?

Your jury notice was an invitation you can decline.
You cannot be conscripted.
Esp. by a notice delivered
by unreliable post.

But look into fija.org too,
for a fully informed jury.

Wow. A whopping $17.51? Out here in the sticks I think we just get $7, and then are invited to donate it to the Children's Advocacy Center or the Women's Shelter. Of course they never want us anyway but I go as part of my civic duty too. People are entitled to a jury of their peers, but unless the defendant is a psychologist, I'm in no way their peer.

Actually, I overshot. It turned out to be $17.20, but they let all of us go at 2:30pm, so my hourly was about 2.75. None of the judges called for a new panel and by 2:30 they knew that they wouldn't begin seating any new juries today.

Now 7 dollars... I spent that at the vending machines.

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