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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So the party of Obama rejects the first female candidate for president, then rejects her and her 17-million votes for a running mate as VP, and attacks Governor Palin as a "fatal cancer to the Republican party" thus rejecting a second female candidate for high office in this election cycle.

Is this not a clear example of misogyny on the part of the notoriously leftist New York Times writers, David Brooks and Thomas L. Friedman. Yet while Hillary was running, any criticism lodged at her was subject to shrill charges from this same clutch of leftist writers of the critics being misogynistic. Strikes me as either schizophrenic behavior on the part of these pillars of leftist journalism, or just more of the same old tired refusal of mainstream leftists to argue their points from a solid intellectual base.

Note that I use the word "leftist" liberally throughout my comment rather than using the word liberal. I think liberal is a good word in a political context, but regret that the word has been co-opted by leftists for decades to describe their decidedly non-liberal philosophies.

Liberal in this election is McCain selecting Governor Palin, a woman, for his running mate, while the "liberal" left rejects their gal and selects a tired old retread as their guy for VP.

Here's hoping that the New York Times, the former newspaper of record, will be flushed of its leftist cancer before it disappears altogether under the weight of its boring management and staff as did the late, equally boring "Air America.'

"So the party of Obama rejects the first female candidate for president."

So the party of McCain rejects the first black candidate for president.

Really, the first black man ever to run for president and loony right wing bigots throw over their long-standing hatred of Hillary Clinton and feminists. They will say or do anything to keep the scary negro from getting elected. They will even pretend to care about gender equality and unfairness to Hillary.

There is more than ignorance behind the Republican self-destruction. There is malignant hate. Frum worries about the damage the party is doing to itself. I don't worry. I'm happy that the Republican Party is self-immolating.


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