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Friday, October 31, 2008


The First Amendment protects us, except in the case of Obama, who threatens the press with the DoJ, if the press publishes anything negative. (FACT)

So which is worse? A "Blithering Idiot" or a "Pathological Liar"? (Opinion)

So which is worse? Someone who admittedly needs to learn, or someone who has Marxist views? (Opinion)

So which is worse? Someone who is honest about their history, or someone who either lies about it, minimizes it, denies it through manipulation of words, refuses to release information, and excludes himself? (FACT)

Take a gander at an article from 2006 about Obama running for president in 2008. In 2006 he said he wasn't running for president, and opinions of Obama were rather negative at that time. Drink more Kool-Aid, you'll feel better.

Thoughts to ponder......

nice headline, doc... i'd like to think that you merely think she's an idiot and the "blithering" part is good old-fashioned embellishment... i disagree with christopher hitchens on her as well, but i love his "proud and boastful ignoramus" shot at palin, he is one suave fuck... her point was not so much an ill-informed civics lesson as it was simply making the point that the majority of the lamestream media is totally in the tank for obama...

conversely, obama has demonstrated a thin-skinnedness that exceeds even the clintons, albeit if a fair amount of this is exercised by his underlings... but don't dare ask this empty suit a question that may have any degree of challenge to his assertions or character, or else risk having your ass investigated (or maybe just tossed from his plane)...

Dr X says, Hi Mookie, re: Blithering. I haven't sworn off noun modifiers. Here is my list of words and phrases I will never use in a post.

YankeeGal worte:

"So which is worse? Someone who admittedly needs to learn, or someone who has Marxist views?"

Obviously politically moderate voters haven't bought into this rubbish, but as the polls demonstrate, Sarah Palin is scaring the pants off moderates.

She 'worte'?

can't say i'm familiar with "vanishingly small", but "in the tank" is pretty played out...

oops, i just wrote "in the tank"...

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