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Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, to be fair I'd forgive him that myself, just looking at that one article.
I don't read it as saying "liberal thinking 'may' be wrong, you 'may' need to think conservative", I read it as saying they need to keep a genuinely open mind.

It does grate with me that certain sects insist that if you 'kept an open mind' you'd automatically agree with them, therefore if you don't, you're close-minded. Especially grating when it comes from those who are demonstrably close minded themselves.

However, I don't necessarily see that here.
In fact, I see that as saying that no-one appears to have the full answer, so watch all quarters.

Am I missing something?

Dr X replies: I think the article is fine. It's just supremely ironic coming from Kristol, of all people. He's like a recalcitrant alcoholic warning everyone else about the dangers of alcohol while never even admitting that he's the one with a serious drinking problem.

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