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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've heard about dentists, psychiatrists (not necessarily psychologists), and perhaps anesthesiologists, but I don't have any hard facts immediately at hand to back it up.

Are you saying that you would refuse to believe the data from a qualitative retrospective case study with a convenience sample n of 1?

Your out of hand rejection of "fantasy" as an appropriate research method would be quickly condemned for its unreasonably patriarchal and eurocentric numerical fixation at a certain PsyD program in the Seattle area that I know of...

Dr X: I can live with that. This little hobby of mine was branded a xenophoic, anti-feminist blog earlier this week. As long as I get it from all sides, I'm fine (And don't read anything into that.)

some day I should post (on my blog) a n account of a discussion in a certain research seminar where it was explained to me that traditional research could never be truly useful because it couldn't explain the 'inner light' in each of us.

Not sure about that inner light, but I do wish that more students could discover their inner researcher.

I just came across this discussion of my study -- I am the researcher of the first block quote above ("In the 1960s...").

For anyone interested in the full text of the article: Springer (the publisher) put it up at: http://www.springerlink.com/content/9jwy2n216c6wp00n/

Dr. X's concerns are certainly fair. What's important to note is that, with the same methodology, high rates (frighteningly high for women) were found in earlier decades but not in the 1990s. I'm convinced the decline of suicide within the profession is real for men and women. How it compares with population figures (which are collected using a different methodology) is most in question.

Happy to chat about it...

Thanks so much Suzanne. That the same methodology found a difference between the two time periods is persuasive.

Here, again, is the link to the article by Dr. Phillips

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