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Saturday, November 29, 2008


The same reasons they hated New York City...

Why we have Constitution and supreme court.It has become utmost necessary to use these methods because in future we will have non secular Govt.The laws are taken in hand by mass following associations and we plus govt are mere spectators.The police should dig on their own in these cases without waiting for complaint.
Our religious leaders are hypocrit .They preach one thing and practice differently I had gone to my religious leader when my wife' father was beaten by daughter in law .The priest in question instead of helping asked me what action you would have taken if not heard.I said I will go to police .Imediately this priest said,she will allege rape complaint against you.Now you judge ,My church Nativity of lord kandivali east mumbai collected cores of rupees for buiding fund ,but refuses to give balance sheet .
The govt is also behaving like hypocrit .Take example of MHADA.They collected cores by forms and hundred of cores by EMD.For each scheme the Emd was to be paid seperately and forms taken seperately.When we apply for Ipo ,SEBi ask the company to return the money within 45 days or pay 18 pecent intresr .Will gov pay intrest to our emd if returned after one month?

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